Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thoughts: Fiction, Reality, Dreaming, Love.

I know that this was suppossed to be a makeup blog, but I decided that I wanted to share another passion of mine with you all. Writing. I LOVE writing so, so much. I love music and poetry, lyrics and rhyme. I get lost in writing about my feelings and inner thoughts. I feel like it is sometimes a lot easier to express myself through pen and paper, rather than talking. Here is something that I wrote recently that I thought I'd share.

What is anyone else really going to do?
Is annoucing it going to make it any better?
Maybe I just want the attention. Maybe I need it.
But ones things for sure, when I feel this way..
I'm not sure what to do.
It's like they SAY that they care, but they don't.
My life doesnt revolve around theirs. I get it.
But it's possible to have that.
It's possible to be the center of someones life.
Love.. I guess thats it.
Too bad Edward Cullen is just a fictional character.
Almost meant to break our hearts, since we know we'll never have that.
But living life that way doesnt seem right.
We WILL have that. Just have faith.
It's funny, I'm not sure what "that" even is.
But I do know its something.
It couldnt even have been thought of, if it wasn't real.
That kind of love.
It sucks to have to go though life, feeling alone and sad.
No one can really do anything.
I think of this person though.
This one person.
And I wonder...
I wonder what he thinks. I wonder who he is.
I wish I knew.
For now, until I know about him, I'll just stick to dreaming with the fictional love.
Movies and Books. Lots of listneing, watching, reading, comprehending.
Even though, no one is really there.
I can just think. The mind is one powerful thing.
You can dream! Things you can never do and places you could never go.
You can get lost in a world and escape reality.
For now. Thats all I have.
But I'll chase my dreams. Big or small.
I'll chase them, fictional or real.
I'll wait.


  1. Damn. I feel like that a lot of the times, Annie, but just not so positive! What if never become someone else's "center of life," is that what I even want? I don't know... What you wrote really hit a home run! Beauuutiful :)

  2. Thank you so so much! I agree with you, it's hard. What if i don't know what I want? Maybe we'll never be the center of someone elses life, but I guess there is always hope. :)